The 22nd Japan International Seafood show


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Sushi EXPO - In the global boom of Japanese food, "Sushi" could be considered as a representative of Japanese food, plays an important part in expanding the fish consumption. "Sushi EXPO" introduce a wide range of Sushi products, including suitable fish for Sushi, varieties of Sushi topping such as vegetables to meats, seasonings and machineries, for buyers and prospects.

Event Name
Sushi EXPO
July 7 (Wed) ~ July 9 (Fri), 2021
Tokyo International Exhibition Center "Tokyo Big Sight" Aomi Hall
Visitors Profiles
Sushi restaurant, kaiten sushi, home delivery sushi, takeaway sushi, hotel / ryokan, Japanese restaurant, ryotei dining, izakaya, restaurant, department store, supermarkets, coorperatives, convenience store, fresh fish store, souvenir and specialty store, various mail order business, retailer, medical / welfare facilities, market / wholesale, food / seafood trading company, enterprise, seafood / food manufacturing, etc.
Exhibits Profiles
Sushi topping (fish, other unique varieties), frozen sushi, creative sushi, local sushi, rice, sliced ginger, vinegar, salt, seaweed, sushi vinegar powder, Japanese tea, beverages for sushi restaurants, desserts, frozen sushi thawing equipment, sushi topping processing equipment, home delivery system, home delivery tray, delivery equipment, tabletop ordering system, kaiten sushi conveyor, fried rice equipment, rice cooker robot, plates for kaiten sushi, sushi rice molding machine, nori maki machine, rice ball molding machine, etc.

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