The 22nd Japan International Seafood show

Freshness Keeping and Distributing

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Freshness Keeping and Distributing Technology Expo

Freshness Keeping and Distributing Technology Expo - Innovative improvements in freshness-keeping technology has enabled the distribution of highly fresh seafood in Japan and around the world. At the " Freshness Keeping and Distributing Technology Expo ", we will widely introduce various technologies related to freshness keeping to producers, distributors, and seafood processors, and will support further value creation of seafood products and realization of export expansion.

Event Name
Freshness Keeping and Distributing Technology Expo
July 7 (Wed) ~ July 9 (Fri), 2021
Tokyo International Exhibition Center "Tokyo Big Sight" Aomi Hall
Visitors Profiles
Fishery, aquaculture farmer, Seafood and food manufacturing, fishery, aquaculture farmers, home delivery and transportation, trade industry, market / wholesaler, food trading company, enterprise, food and seafood trading company, department store, supermarket, cooperative, fresh fish shop, convenience store, souvenir and specialty store, various mail order businesses, ryokan and hotel, restaurant, Japanese restaurant, ryotei dinning, sushi restaurant, kaiten sushi, izakaya, food delivery service, medical / welfare facilities, agricultural cooperative, fisheries cooperatives, etc.
Exhibits Profiles
Frozen and refrigerated technology, thawing technology, ice making equipment, packaging machinery, cushioning materials, packaging materials, labeling machine, conveyor, temperature management transportation technology, humidity management transport technology, aviation container, offshore container, shipping / tracking management technology, consolidated transportation service, inventory control technology, small-lot cargo pickup service, importers / exporters of low-temperature logistics companies, export consultants etc.

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