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International Aquaculture Technology Expo

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International Aquaculture Technology Expo

International Aquaculture Technology Expo- Now that the 3rd aquaculture boom is coming, Marine and Recirculating Aquaculture are becoming more active in all of Japan. The International Aquaculture Technology Expo introduces various facilities and technologies that enable increased productivity in marine and recirculating aquaculture, improvement of growth environment, and creation of added value to fishermen, aquaculture farmers, research institutes, and new entrants, contributing to the further development of the aquaculture industry.

Event Name
International Aquaculture Technology Expo
July 7 (Wed) ~ July 2 (Fri), 2021
Tokyo International Exhibition Center "Tokyo Big Sight" Aomi Hall
Visitors Profiles
National aquaculture and seeds supplier, seafood processor, fisheries cooperative association, fisheries association, fisheries experts / academic societies / educational institutions, tropical fish/ ornamental fish trader, government offices / local governments, national fishery / fishery workers, seafood related trading company, seafood experiment station / research institute, national aquarium related personnel, seafood related companies, etc.
Exhibits Profiles
Recirculating aquaculture system, marine aquaculture system, water quality control and measuring instrument, fisheries / aquaculture / marine environmental preservation equipment, aquaculture sludge separation device, aquarium, cooling device, oxygen supply / disperser, heat exchanger, aquaculture management computer system (ITC), feed and nutrients, fishing net anti-fouling agent / selected antifouling paint, fishing net / crib, offshore aquaculture equipment, feeding equipment, algae culture, bio devices, fish counter, automatic sorting system, red tide / sea bottom sludge countermeasure, anti-corrosive and anti-rust agent, fisheries pharmaceuticals, aquarium related facilities, underwater camera, fishing boats / related equipment, ultraviolet / ozone sterilizer, ornamental fish supplies, various new materials for aquaculture, etc.

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