The 22nd Japan International Seafood show

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About the handling of personal information obtained in this form:

  1. Business Name or Name
    Exhibition Technologies, Inc.
  2. Name and Title of Personal Information Protection Administrator
    Affiliation and contact
    Administrator job title : Personal Information Protection Administrator
    Department : General Affairs Department of Exhibitions Technologies, Inc.
    Contact : Telephone number 03-5775-2855
  3. Use of Personal Information
    For correspondence to inquiries (including contacting the inquiring person).
  4. The Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
    Acquired personal information will not be provided to third parties.
  5. Consignment the Handling of Personal Information
    In company business operations, and only for the purposes set forth in the preceding paragraph, we may outsource the handling of personal information. In such case, we will select only an agent with high standard of personal information protection system, and have proper management and confidentiality of personal information pertaining to the contract, in order to implement appropriate management.
  6. Request for Disclosure of Personal Information
    When a user want to request for disclosure of his or her own personal information (with regard to notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition and deletion of content, suspension of use, to stop providing to a third party), we can be contacted at the following contact details. Upon request, we will verify your identity, and respond within a reasonable period of time.

    [ For inquiries ]
    107-0062 Shin-Aoyama Bldg. Nishikan 8 F., 1-1-1, Minato-ku Tokyo Japan.
    Exhibition Technologies, Inc.
    TEL:03‐5775‐2855 (Reception hours *9:30~18:00)
    *Inquiries made on Saturday, Sunday, public holiday, year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week period will be responded on the next business day.
  7. Voluntary Disclosure of Personal Information
    It is voluntary for you to provide or not to provide any personal information to our company. However, if you do not provide the required information, we may not be able to respond to you appropriately.

The rules & regulation

  • Supplement / Revised Regulations
    The organizer reserves the right to supplement or revise of the regulations in order to facilitate the management of exhibition business.
  • Allocation of Space
    The organizer shall determine the location of each exhibitor's booth based on the exhibitor's contract to exhibit. The organizer reserves the right to relocate an exhibitor's booth when it is adequate.
  • Prohibition on under lease and resale
    Exhibitors are prohibited under leasing, buying, selling, exchanging or otherwise transferring a booth contract or booth location without the consent of the organizer.
  • Terms of Payment of Exhibition Fee
    An invoice for exhibition fee for exhibitor will be issued after receiving the contract to exhibit. The exhibition fees shall be paid to the organizer's designated bank account. Please complete the payment before the show.
  • Cancellation
    Exhibitor who cancel the exhibition or reduce the number of booths after booking will be charged a cancellation fee as follows;
    Cancellations on or before June 25, 2021   50% of the exhibition fee
    Cancellations on or after June 26, 2021  100% of the exhibition fee
  • Organizer's Right of Refusal
    The organizer holds right to refuse your participation if any exhibited items and/or booth decorations are deemed inappropriate of this trade show or in violation of the regulations, the exhibitor's manual, or other applications. The organizer will also refuse participation of people or parties who/which are engaged, involved, associated, or having relationships with antisocial organizations and/or those which are socially criticized or in controversy.
  • Prohibition on Distribution Brochure in Public Areas
    In order to ensure an environment of fair competition for all exhibitors, distribution of literature and other promotional or advertising materials in public areas. (Entrances, exits, aisles, rest areas, etc.) are prohibited. Exhibitors shall distribute such brochures and materials at their own booths in a manner that does not create a nuisance for other exhibitors.
  • Duty of the on-site inspection with fire station and hazardous materials
    In the case of use and bring open-fire and hazardous materials, please observe the rule about prohibited matter in the exhibitor's manual. Exhibitors must be in the presence of inspection by fire station. If you use open fire or bring hazardous materials without application, we decline to exhibit your company in the next year.
  • Vehicle Pass for carry in/ out
    Please fill the exhibitor's name and mobile number on the pass, and keep it visible from outside the vehicle during carrying in/ out time period. Without pass or, use of a photocopy of a vehicle pass, you would not allow to park.
  • Carrying in / out of Exhibits
    Exhibitors shall carry all exhibits in and out the exhibition hall during the time period. Anything that has not been removed by the expiration of the period designated for removal (including exhibited items, waste materials) will be removed by the organizer at the expense and liability of the exhibitor. In order to ensure the safety and security of exhibitor's property, exhibits are forbidden to be moved into or removed from the exhibition hall during the exhibition. If unavoidable circumstances necessitate that exhibits be moved into or removed from the exhibition hall during the exhibition carrying in or out shall be conducted with the prior consent of the organizer.
  • Liability for Damages
    Exhibitors shall be liable for any damages they cause (including damage to the exhibition hall's facilities or other exhibitor`s property, and bodily injury to visitors or others) and shall compensate the injured party for those damages.
  • Postponement/ Cancellation of the Exhibition
    If holding the exhibition is deemed unfeasible due to a natural or man-made disaster, or other uncontrollable circumstances, the organizer may postpone or cancel the exhibition. In the case of cancellation, the organizer will deduct necessary expenses from exhibition fees and refund the balance to exhibitors. The organizer will not be liable for any other expenses or damages incurred by exhibitors as a result of the cancellation.