News Letter

October, 2020

International Fugu Association Newsletter Vol. 48

Dear International Fugu Association members,

Following GoTo Travel, the GoTo Eat Campaign has started in support of the restaurant industry.
Expectations are rising for the year-end party season starting in December.
Demand for lunch seems to have returned moderately now, but that for dinner and banquets is still in a difficult situation.
Dinner and banquets are the main dishes for blowfish, so I hope that the demand will come back soon.

1. International Seafood Show Tokyo 2020
With the cooperation of everyone, we were able to close the event safely.
This time, seven Fugu traders and organizations gathered, and it was the first "blowfish pavilion," and very conspicuous!
At the online meeting, the iPhone broadcast that introduced each booth to overseas buyers was well received.
After all, the live online meeting is exciting. I felt the possibility of an online event in a new style.
Besides, when each exhibitor cooperated, the Fugu dressing and sashimi demonstration show, the grilled Fugu cooking demonstration, Fugu soup stock tasting, etc. were exhilarating.
A lot of audiences gathered, and it became a little crowded (^^;), and worried the people involved, but at the same time, the liveliness pleased them.
Without a doubt, the first Fugu pavilion was the "BEST-TEAM Award"!!!

At this seafood show, we made a unique registration system for admission by thoroughly implementing safety measures against coronavirus.
Still, many buyers came on the days, and more than 10,000 people visited in three days.
It was unavoidable that there were fewer visitors than usual.
Still, since it was the first large-scale business meeting in a situation where it was not available anywhere else, the organizer felt it was a great success and relieved. It protected the safety of exhibitors and visitors while there were many concerns.
Our appreciation goes to the staff and everyone involved for their hard work.
Taking advantage of this experience, I want to prepare for the next seafood show in Osaka in February 2021.

2. Results of the Fugu export questionnaire
The first export questionnaire to all Fugu handling companies has completed the final deadline, and the counting work has almost done.
We received encouraging messages from more than 100 corporations and organizations.
Thank you very much!
We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to the Japan Mariculture Association, National Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations (JF-ZENG YOREN), Wholesale Co-operative of Tokyo Fish Market, the National Fugu Federation, and all the companies and organizations for their cooperation.
The aggregated results will be posted on the website of the International Fugu Association by November 6th.

Now we are ready to make a business trip to Singapore!
I'm looking forward to it.

3. Introduction of media publication
The Kansai edition of the Asahi Shimbun dated September 28 published an interview article.
I also contributed a three-page story under the title of "Activity Guidelines for the Trafugu Aquaculture Industry for Increasing Domestic Consumption and Exports" as a close-up measure for the post-coronavirus pandemic in the aquaculture industry in the October issue of the Aquaculture Business magazine.
This time, I wrote it with the feeling that we should move forward as much as possible for domestic production and sales, and of course, for the overseas market!

The other day, there was a poster and video shooting of "Good Fugu Day" on November 29th of this year by the National Seawater Aquaculture Association.
With all the members' cooperation, the photo of Shimonoseki's sashimi was also reportedly taken beautifully. I'm looking forward to the finished pictures!

4. Notice of partial revision of Fugu handling notice (director's note).
I received a notification from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.
It is an essential matrix for ensuring Fugu's hygiene, but it does not affect the system very much. I think various forces are working.
The corrected part is Note 1 of 2 of Attached Table 1.
The amendment used to cite the Ariake Sea definition in the Fisheries Act, but with the revision of the Fisheries Act, the citation will be deleted.
Therefore, this amendment is a change in the Ariake Sea's definition, and there is no change in operation.
Director's notice Posting location: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website

5. Today's greeting
Last but not least, today, October 29, is Trafugu's day and my birthday.

We will do our best to connect the Japanese blowfish food culture to the future.
We wish all the people who handle blowfish this season as well.

We thank you for your continued support.

That's it for this newsletter.

September, 2020

International Fugu Association Newsletter Vol. 47

Dear International Fugu Association members,

Japanese activities have become more active little by little.
The Japan Tourism Agency will finally launch the Go-To Travel Campaign in Tokyo.
The number of people coming and going will increase, but we will deal with it wisely.
It seems that the ban on international business travel, which was our long-cherished desire, will be lifted starting with Singapore, and it appears that we will finally get busy.

① It will finally start this week!
I am not trying to boast, but luck is on the "seafood show."
The last big exhibition event in Japan was the Seafood Show Osaka 2020, and the first significant exhibition since the coronavirus epidemic is the Seafood Show Tokyo 2020.
It is the result of the hard work of everyone involved.
With gratitude that we can hold it there, seven companies of Fugu traders. They will gather as a group at the International Seafood Show Tokyo from September 30 to October 2, and exhibit the first "Fugu Pavilion."
They are International Fugu Association, Shimonoseki Next Generation Meeting, Kanmonkai Co., Ltd., Yoshida Suisan Co., Ltd., Shoryu Co., Ltd., Michinaka Co., Ltd., Yamaga Inc.

We are looking forward to the evaluation as we will propose new Fugu products for each company in the With-Corona era.
We will also have an event booth in the Fugu Pavilion, which will present a Professional study course for those who want to know more about Fugu or who are already familiar with it from 14:00 to 15:00 on Wednesday, September 30, and Thursday, October 1.
We will demonstrate and explain the secret of toxin-free Fugu migaki and sashimi with special permission from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Furthermore, from 12:30 to 14:00 on Wednesday, September 30, we will host the International Fugu Association's first online conference and business meeting at the event booth.
Regional representatives from New Zealand, Hong Kong / Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore will report on the local situation
and give a live presentation of the latest trend on processed Fugu products.
If you would like to watch it, we will inform you of the ZOOM account, so please write "I want to watch" in the return mail.

The show management will implement thorough safety measures against coronavirus at this seafood show, so visitors must make reservations in advance.
You can make a reservation from the below URL.

2.Fugu export questionnaireThe first Fug export questionnaire for all Fugu handling companies in Japan started counting this month. Still,
we are waiting for the national Fugu federation response, which boasts the largest number of members.
Since the federation's prominent members are restaurants that handle blowfish, they modified it to include inbound traveler topics.

In any case, we will announce the result around mid-October.
Please look forward to it as well.

I think it's a beautiful picture showing Mr. Matsumura's love of Fugu, who made "Shimonoseki Fuku" known all over the country.

The title "Shimonoseki Fuku waiting for auction."
We will post it at each event.
Thank you very much.

We thank you for your continued support.

That's it for this newsletter.

August, 2020

International Fugu Association Newsletter Vol. 46

Dear International Fugu Association members,

In Japan, the number of outbreaks of coronavirus continues to be alarming.
Meanwhile, GOOD NEWS arrived.It seems that Japan and Singapore have reached an agreement ahead of the world by limiting their business purposes and aiming to resume traffic.I'm pleased that I will work with a limited range of activities by the end of September.Waiting for details to be determined

We have decided Singapore as the first overseas promotion of the International Fugu Association for the current term, so we would like to visit the site as soon as possible to arrange details.

① It's almost one month before the event.
From September 30th to October 2nd, the International Seafood Show Tokyo is ready as planned.
At the venue, thorough measures will be employed to prevent new coronavirus infections.
The venue will have four halls, which is more expansive than last year. It provides the layout to avoid 3Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close-contact) and full ventilation inside the venue to protect visitors, exhibitors, and show staff.
This year, the show organizer will offer the "Exhibitor Agent Service," in which the secretariat acts on behalf of the preparation and booth management. Also available is the "Web Exhibition Service" for exhibiting on the official seafood show website.
The show secretariat is taking on new challenges to supporting exhibitors who cannot come to the venue due to the new coronavirus.

We reported last time about the subsidy program for the new product development offered by the Fisheries Agency. More than five Fugu companies applied for the seafood show taking advantage of the program.
Once the plan is complete, the seafood show will open the "Fugu Street."

Although this is my first attempt, I am eager to see each company's new Fugu products under the theme of "Fugu in the age of coronavirus."
Besides, this time we were granted special permission to cook Fugu and prepare sashimi at the venue!!!
I want to thank everyone in the government for their cooperation in this challenging occasion.
Preparations are progressing steadily, so I am looking forward to it.

② Questionnaire on Fugu export
We have received a lot of answers from the questionnaire for the Fugu export we announced last time.I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.
The media is also paying attention to our activities.
The Fugu restaurant association is also working hard, so the number will increase further in September.We want to add up as soon as possible.

③Summer holiday homework! ? I wrote the following two columns.
・Aquaculture Business October issue, Midori Shobo
"Post-coronavirus impacts and countermeasures for farmed tiger puffers"
It was a challenging theme with coronavirus's uncertain future. Still, I have made a profound proposal on measures (changes) in terms of production, sales, culture, etc. considering the market conditions before and after the impact of COVID 19 and the anxiety of the Fugu industry. We have made a profound proposal.

・Fugu's science (provisional title) Dr. Harumi Sakai, National Fisheries University
"About blowfish HACCP"
Content is a little different from what I gave at the previous West Japan Fuku Study Group. I summarized the background and advantages of acquiring Fugu HACCP, and issues for Fugu exports.
Many professors and people related to Fugu contributed to writing this book, so I wanted to cooperate with it as much as possible.I am looking forward to the final copy.

④ Decision on the second overseas Fugu promotion
The Japan Aquatic Products Export Council officially decided "Malaysia" as the second overseas Fugu promotion of the International Fugu Association this fiscal year!

Malaysia is the only Japanese Fugu free-trade country in the world.
Since you can export all the processed Fugu products allowed in Japan, it is possible to propose menus in variety.
You cannot travel to Malaysia yet, but, meanwhile, I will focus on the location, scale, time, and details.
Like the previous Singapore event, we are also looking for exhibitors from Japan. We want to hire a local restaurant in around January to organize the promotion of Japanese Fugu.We will report to you promptly on the development of this plan.

We thank you for your continued support.
That's it for this newsletter.

July 31, 2020

International Fugu Association Newsletter Vol. 45

Dear International Fugu Association members,

In Japan, the number of coronavirus patients has increased with the development of the second wave.Flu was expected to lose its power in the summer, but COVID 19 is unlikely.A formidable attacker!

Members of the International Fugu Association worldwide are also in a tough situation, but I am happy to tell you two happy reports.

1) Expand imports of Japanese foods! "Hong Kong Japan Food Import Promotion Council" was formed.
This initiative aims to disseminate the market needs of Hong Kong to the Japanese side to expand imports while deepening cooperation between Japanese food-related parties in Hong Kong.
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Hong Kong, Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong, the representative offices of Japanese local governments, Zennoh International Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Representative Office of the Norinchukin Bank are the members. Mr. Toshio Himuro, President of Zen Foods and the Macau representative of the International Fugu Association, is appointed as president.

2) Professor Hajime Matsubara of Kanazawa University, who studies Torafugu culture, successfully developed technology to remove parasites on Torafugu with catechin, one of the organic compounds derived from tea. It is a good prospect for practical application, reported newspapers, and Yahoo News. Professor Matsubara is our Association member.
It is expected that an improvement of local aquaculture will lead to the redevelopment of Torafugu products as local specialties. Local aquaculture grows juvenile fish hatched from eggs of wild Torafugu caught off the coast of Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture.
In July, I visited Prof. Matsubara's Noto Marine Center, Kanazawa University. The sea is beautiful, and the environment is excellent.
We want to cooperate Prof. Matsubara so that we can continue to help him.

The International Seafood Show Tokyo from September 30 to October 2 will be held as scheduled.

Unfortunately, it has become challenging to invite buyers from overseas this time. Still, the seafood show manager will take all possible measures against infectious diseases following the Japanese government's guidelines and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and work to ensure a safe and secure event.
The show will also hold new online business meetings to create business opportunities with overseas buyers who are unable to attend.
The venue will be moved from the Aomi Exhibition Building initially planned to the South Exhibition Building (inside the Tokyo Big Sight). It will occupy four holes compared with three holes last year.
The show management informed that this would enable ventilation inside the venue as part of measures against new infectious diseases, and layout of the place that avoids Three Cs: Closed spaces, Crowded spaces, and Close contact settings.
In addition, here is a BIG news.
A government subsidy for new product development is available, and it is acceptable to use at the Seafood Show 2020. Fugu species is applicable.
The application must be submitted online for the first public invitation by August 14.
The subsidy will support up to 4 million yen in actual expenses such as sample costs, travel and lodging fees, labor costs, and other incidental expendables.
Fugu makers and Fugu farms who have never exhibited yet are welcome to apply for this opportunity.
At the Shimonoseki Next Generation Meeting's request, we decided to hold an emergency briefing on the second floor of the Shimonoseki Minami Haedomari Market Live Fish Center from 9 o'clock on August 8. If you are near, please join us.
We have decided to exhibit in the seafood show as the Fugu team jointly with our association members. This time, we want to create a Fugu street to cover Fugu stakeholders from the production industry to the retail and food services to make the seafood show livelier.
As you may have noticed already, the International Fugu Association secretariat is in the same office as the seafood show. We are in a position to be able to pay special attention to our members, so please contact us.

Promotion in Singapore
2) In the negotiations on the export of Japanese Fugu milts, skins and fins to Singapore,
We have a project to send a questionnaire to Fugu dealers in Japan. The Fisheries Agency originally planned to do it, but the Agency requested that we do the task.
Therefore, we will select the businesses to contact, such as wild Fugu fishermen, fishery cooperatives, mariculture farms, land-based fish farms, consignees, wholesalers, processing plants, restaurants, etc. again and conduct a questionnaire survey.

We have attached a questionnaire for all of you, so please everyone in Japan to respond.
Please share this information with your business friends. If they don't know it, please give them the questionnaire.
This program is the International Fugu Association's first survey, so I am excited. But I will gather opinions from everyone and publish them to our website and report to the Japanese and Singapore governments. It would be great if the import ban can get lifted to Singapore. Amid the COVID 19 pandemic, it can make the dark world a little brighter.
I will continue to do my best to realize that day sooner.
Thank you for your continued support.

That's it for this newsletter.

June, 2020

International Fugu Association Newsletter Vol. 44

Dear International Fugu Association members,

In Japan, with the decrease in coronavirus outbreaks, business activities at schools, restaurants, and entertainment-related facilities and domestic travels have been lifted, and economic activity is returning.
Of course, you must be careful in sales while preventing coronavirus infection.
In August, the Japanese government will start the Go To campaign, which will cover up to 20,000 yen per night for travel expenses, so I hope the economic activity will return to life.

The International Fugu Association did not waste three months of self-restraint.
We have reviewed the plan many times.
Details are given below, but there is one announcement.

Mr. Susumu Kaneda, Chairman of Kaneko Sangyo Co., Ltd., who has served as a director of IFA, has retired.
We would like to express our sincere appreciation for his service as the director from the beginning of our activities. Thank you, Mr. Kaneda, for all the help you have given us.
I would like to ask Mr. Tomomi Kimura, new President of Kaneko Sangyo Co., Ltd., to continue serving as an IFA director. We are grateful for your support and cooperation.

①The International Seafood Show Tokyo from September 30 to October 2 will be held as scheduled.

Although the final confirmation has not yet to come, all the staff are making preparations with enthusiasm.
Once Japan and other nations lift overseas travel restrictions, the Seafood Show Tokyo will be the first large-scale international trade event in the post-coronavirus scare. It will be a significant program to demonstrate Japan's recovery from the pandemic.
We are also looking forward to seeing the first group exhibition of the blowfish industry as one team.

②Promotion in Singapore

After last year's Fugu study session in Singapore, SFA showed its intention to consider importing "shirako (milt), skin, and fins" only for farmed Fugu. The Japanese government has been concerned with the wild Fugu dealers, but it is now preparing to distribute a questionnaire to the major Fugu dealers nationwide.
IFA extended assistance to it, but there is no doubt that nobody will oppose the export of Japanese Fugu.
Regarding the invitation-type and overseas promotions planned for fiscal 2020, it is judged that the invitation-type promotion, not limited to Fugu, may not be feasible due to the relationship with other countries.
I look forward to it in the next fiscal year.

The situation in Singapore is the number one issue when it comes to traveling.
As of June 15, there are 40,818 infected persons, 26 dead persons, and foreign nationals are prohibited from entering the country in principle.
Unfortunately, the other day someone made a travel request from Japan to Singapore, but it seems that it was refused.
In Singapore, measures for circuit breakers (shutting down actions) were taken,
Although the government strictly controlled the residents' going out, a mass infection occurred in a facility called dormitory, where workers were concentrated. The number of infected people increased at the level of several hundred people every day, which became a problem.
At present, economic activities are gradually permitted, and it seems that the restaurant has been restricted to 5 people per group.
So when would the promotion of Japanese Fugu be allowed in Singapore?
We would like to observe the situation.

③Promotion in Malaysia

Let's promote Japanese Fugu to Malaysia!!!
In response to the voice, we decided to consult with JETRO and the Japan Aquatic Products Export Council.
To everyone's knowledge, Fugu is a poisonous fish, and a large part of the world prohibits it. Still, Malaysia is the only free trade commerce where all parts of Fugu (muscles, milt, skins, and fins) currently recognized as edible in Japan are allowed.
By all means, we want to establish the market in Malaysia and showcase the Japanese culinary culture of Fugu to the neighboring countries! With that in mind, we would like to take action.

④Others subjects.

In order to approach other countries towards lifting the import ban on Fugu, we cooperated with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries' investigation in the import regulation of Fugu in other countries.
Let us continue to recognize that Japanese blowfish is an important fish for the government's goal of expanding exports.
The International Fugu Association will do its best to realize someday when Japan's Fugu will expand the market to the world.
Thank you for your continued support.

That's it for this newsletter.

May, 2020

International Fugu Association Newsletter Vol. 43

Dear International Fugu Association members,

In Japan, as the number of coronavirus outbreaks declined,
the economic activity is gradually recovering after the emergency declaration was lifted.
However, due to the fear of secondary infection,
it seems that it will take some time to completely recover.

The International Fugu Association holds conferences by SKYPE or ZOOM to revise the plan for the new year.
The number of WEB meetings and virtual drinking parties has increased under the pandemic.
It is good that we can easily talk with people overseas as well.
If further improved translation software is available,
you can connect with people all over the world without going through an interpreter.

① The academic event¥ at the Nagasaki University slated for September 3 was canceled.And my presentation planned was also canceled accordingly.
I would like to do my best at another opportunity.

② The International Seafood Show Tokyo from September 30 to October 2 will be held as scheduled.

During the event, we plan to hold a lively event related to Fugu in Japan and overseas.
Please look forward to it.

③ We have uploaded our newsletter to the website of the International Fugu Association.

You are now able to view past articles as an archive.

④ We will also send information related to blowfish on SNS.
I wrote stories for Instagram and other SNS for the first time.




We will update these regularly as well, so please check them out.

⑤ This is a report from Chairman Kamei of the National Fugu Federation.
At the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives (TV broadcast of the Diet) on May 22,
Keiji Kokuta of the Japanese Communist Party asked about the Fugu license, and the Ministry of Health,
Labor and Welfare answered.

(Broadcast from 2 hours 22 minutes to 2 hours 40 minutes)

In order to promote a review to ensure consistency with the certification criteria for Fugu processors set by each prefecture,
the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced on May 1 a guideline to ensure consistency with the MHLW Fugu certification criteria for processors.
I share the information with you with the link below.

⑥ Finally, this is a private matter, but I will leave the management of the Fugu processing plant to my father,
brother, and sister from June
I decided to concentrate on the activities of the International Fugu Association.
Now that I have more time, I would like to challenge many more things.

This year's goal of the International Fugu Association is to lift the ban on imports of edible parts of Fugu in Singapore.
It will be followed then to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, the United States, and the EU.
I am determined to promote exports of Japanese Fugu to the world without losing to COVID-19.

That's it for this newsletter.

April 29, 2020

International Fugu Association Newsletter Vol.42

Dear International Fugu Association members,

The new coronavirus is raging all over the world
The economy has become very difficult because an emergency declaration was issued all over Japan, and people must stay at home.
I hope that this pandemic will end as soon as possible.

The International Fugu Association has postponed all plans for this fiscal year.
The other day, Japan Aquatic Products Export Council advised on the following plan as approved
1.Public relations and business meetings for Japanese marine products and processed marine products in Singapore, and
2.Inbound trade mission for Fugu buyers in Singapore.
It is a great honor, but the number of people infected with coronaviruses is now increasing in Singapore.
I heard that the Singapore government had taken a measure to gather infected people on one island to prevent further spread in the city.
Naturally, the current status prohibits international travel, and the question is whether or not we can organize the invitations to Japan or business meetings in Singapore within the year?
I pray to the god of Fugu.

From 23:59 on March 23, entry and transit of short-term travelers (those who do not have a long-term visa) will be prohibited.
Among long-term visa holders, labor visa holders (including spouses and children) are not allowed to return to Singapore except for workers in industries related to public services such as health service and transportation.
Exceptions are other long-term visa holders and permanent residents.

We are currently planning the following domestic events.

Presentation on Fugu food culture at an academic conference at the Nagasaki University on September 3.

The International Seafood Show Tokyo on September 30th to October 2nd.

On the first day, September 30th, the International Fugu Association will support the Fugu Summit 2020 at the same venue.

Of course, depending on the situation of the spread of coronavirus infection, these events may be postponed or discontinued, so it seems that there is no other way than to stay calm at home and wait for recovery.

That's it for this newsletter.

April 24, 2020

International Fugu Association Newsletter Vol.41

Dear International Fugu Association members,

The new coronavirus is spreading around the world, and events and schools kept closing in Japan.
The Tokyo Olympics in July are also been postponed. and the situation remains severe.
Usually, March is a season with many events such as graduation ceremony, welcome and send-off party, cherry blossom viewing, but the restaurants are not crowded as dine-out is discouraged.
It looks like you need patience for a while.

Although we were invited, the International Fugu Association's presentation at the 36th Marine Toxin Study Group was canceled because the spring conference of the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science was called off.
We were disapointed but look forward to the next opportuity.

Nevertheless, if the deficit continues for more than three months, some restaurants will face critical business condition.
The Japanese government is taking emergency measures as follows.

To businesses affected by the new coronavirus infection.

In addition, the link below summarizes support measures in more detail.

However, there are many voices saying that even if the Japanese government gives unsecured and unguaranteed loans,
it will only increase debt, so we would like to pay attention to measures at the stage when the virus has subsided.

In Japan and abroad, there have been cases where reputation of fresh fish, such as Japanese raw fish, has not been based on scientific evidence.
The Japanese government has instructed us to disseminate it to all of you as a measure against damage to reputation so that there is no misunderstanding. Please read the attached document.
For the food industry, we were fortunate that the new coronavirus is not the so-called "food poisoning" in which the virus was transmitted through food.

The world's major seafood events that were scheduled to be held this spring have also been postponed to after the summer. However, in June, the international fisheries expo in Fuzhou, China is said to be scheduled in June.
They requested the secretariat of the Fugu association to participate in the exhibition. Indeed, we must respect the Chinese business philosophy.
We would like to jump into the Chinese market if it would exit a slight opportunity that the Chines government would lift the ban on Japanese blowfish in China.

Last year, the Japanese government highly recognized the International Fugu Association's promotional activities for Singapore on invitation-type and in-the-country promotion.
If it can be implemented again this year, "Promoting the Japanese FUGU cuisine to the world" will advance.
The schedule will be very tight, but we want to do the best.

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom at many locations in Japan, and the spring of hope has arrived.
The convergence of the virus is awaited.

That's it for this newsletter.

March, 2020

International Fugu Association Newsletter Vol.40

Dear International Fugu Association members,

The adverse effects of coronavirus are spreading worldwide.
In Japan, Prime Minister Abe requested to cancel significant events, and the schools closed.
Restaurants have been suffering from cancellations of farewell and welcome parties, and are in trouble.
I cannot stop hoping to return to normal quickly.

With no bright topics, the Seafood Show Osaka was held on February 19-20.
Thirteen thousand visitors are about 85% of last year, but it is miraculous in the current environment.

1.We hosted a seminar on the International Fugu Association.

1)First of all, a live commentary!! Professor Nagashima of Niigata Food and Agriculture University gave a detailed explanation of the talks and questions at the last year's fugu study session with the Singaporean government at the Fugu study session with the Singapore Food Agency SFA.
I felt good again that I invited Dr. Nagashima to Singapore.

2)Next, Mr. Kamei, chairman of the National Fugu Federation, gave a lecture on the current status of the blowfish licensing, the current state of the unification of blowfish licensing, and future national qualifications.
I listened attentively to the talk of Chairman Kamei with his Kansai (western Japan) style talking.

3)Finally, I explained about the Fugu promotion to Singapore.

We are considering co-sponsoring with Fugu Summit on the next September 30 at Seafood Show Tokyo.

2.There was a request from British Reuters for coverage.

Although it is full-text English, I hope it will be an excellent appeal to the world.

That's it for this newsletter.

January, 2020

International Fugu Association Newsletter Vol.39

Dear International Fugu Association members,

This is the first bulletin for 2020.

I appreciate your continued support for this year again.

This year's IFA activity plan is as follows:

1. For Singapore, where we organized the Fugu study session last year, we are considering a slightly larger business meeting event using the experience of last year while urging lifting import bans on milt, skin, and fin from the Singapore Food Agency.

2.For China, we will continue to interact with the China Fisheries Association and negotiate for the realization of a Japanese Fugu Special Zone.
We hope to be able to promote Japanese blowfish at an exhibition in China again this year.

3. For Taiwan, I received a schedule from the Taiwan government last year to lifting the Fugu import ban.
We are still in the early stages, but we will follow up to ensure that we step up to a targeted goal.
I would like to invite the senior officials of the Taiwan Health Bureau TFDA to Japan.

4. We will also collect information about other countries and actively work to lead to the lifting of the Fugu import ban.
We look forward to your continued understanding and cooperation.

With regards to the recent activity,

1. The International Fugu Association has implemented a regional representation system to facilitate overseas promotion and government negotiations. They are:
・Ms.Linda Loke in Singapore,
・Mr.Philip Liaw in Taiwan,
・Mr.Toshio Himuro in Hong Kong and Macau, and
・Mr.Takehiko Yamamoto in New Zealand.

From now on, we will exchange information closely with local representatives and work to expand the Japanese Fugu market.

2.TVO Osaka program ``Japanese Style Originator in the Second Generation '' 1/30 Thu 21: 00 ~

A special feature on fermented foods in Japan appears to be broadcasted about fugu ovary (bran-pickled ovary) in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Our association provided and explained materials and images.
At the Osaka seminar last year, I announced a detoxification system for Fugu ovary, but I'm looking forward to the broadcast because it is a miraculous food in many ways.

3.Osaka Seminar on 2/20 Thu 13: 00-15: 00, B2 Conference Room
This year we will also host the International Fugu Association Seminar at the Seafood Show held at Osaka ATC Hall. Proposed topics are as follows.

・ Facts !! Fugu study session with SFA, Singapore Food Agency by Professor Nagashima, Niigata Agrio-Food University

・ The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's National unification of Fugu processing certification standards and the future by Pres. Kazuhiro Kamei of the National Fugu Federation.

・ Fugu promotion to Singapore by Yukihiro Furukawa, representative of the International Fugu Association

We will notify you on the homepage as soon as it is confirmed, so please drop in.

11~20 / Total 23